Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Surpassing Expectations

Sometimes we don't know what to expect. We plan something, and just hope for the best. Sometimes we miss out because we fear the worst and don't want it to be our reality. Last week we took the plunge. Caitlyn and I boarded an airplane bound for Oakland, CA. We were flying two states away to see some sunshine (and some really cool doctors...we saw the doctors, but the sunshine was a little MIA.)

As we sat on the plane waiting for take-off Thursday morning, just for a second I thought I was out of my mind. Then I looked to my right. There sat my beautiful daughter staring out the window in awe at the people walking around the plane. I knew she was nervous, she had a death grip on my hand. We took off into the air. There was no turning back. Caitlyn and I were headed to California for a much needed break from the every day life at home.

We took it easy Thursday, since we had gotten up around 2:30 am. Friday morning we got up, not knowing what the day would bring. It started with some sad news..had I been alone with Caitlyn, we likely would have spent all day in the hotel. Maybe even all weekend, for that matter. But we didn't. We ventured out. I think back, and I don't know what my expectations were for the weekend. I knew I wanted to have a fabulous time with my daughter, but was willing to make whatever she was able to tolerate fabulous! Well, she tolerated a TON!! We did the Ride the Duck tour on Friday and the Aquarium, the Bay Cruise, a 4-D turbo ride AND the cable cars on Saturday! Caitlyn was absolutely AWESOME through it all!!! Whatever expectations I had for our trip, she hugely surpassed them all!!

We have known about Rett Syndrome and the Natural History Study for 5 years. Here we sat in rainy Washington, and never went down to sunny California because we had no clue what it would be like traveling with a kid with special needs. Everything went perfect!! Now I know...Now I know what my girl is capable of, and I'm never going to say "no, I don't think she can handle it." From now on, we take the world head-on! If something doesn't work, so be it! But, we won't know unless we try!

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  1. so good to finally meet you both! and thank you for writing this-gives me a glimpse into the not so distant future where Avery too will surprise us!